Prevent Sexual Violence

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Be The One is a public awareness campaign focused on preventing sexual violence and relationship violence in Ohio.

Preventing sexual violence is possible.

take the pledge to prevent sexual violence

Everyone plays an active role in preventing sexual violence. Together, we can make a change.



Prevention means stopping violence before it happens.  It’s about supporting each other, calling out inappropriate and harmful behavior when we see it, because we care about the people it affects.


Preventing sexual violence begins with you. Yes, YOU. It happens every day to people you know – perhaps friends, family members, romantic partners or classmates – whether you realize it or not. And it’s serious. But you can help stop it if you know what to look for… and what to do.

Be an Active Bystander

Be the One to Act

Notice the warning signs

Recognize actions or patterns of behaviors that hint at sexual violence or other intimate partner violence.

Recognize there is a Problem

Ask yourself: “If I don’t act, could the situation get worse?”

Take Responsibility

Think: “If it was my friend or family member, would I want someone to act?”

Choose the right Response

How can I safely intervene? Be direct. Distract and redirect focus. Delegate. Delay by checking in with the person affected.


Act on the plan you developed